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Page Borders

Here are several medieval page borders suitable for poems, marriage/committment vows, and so forth. Any single border can be turned into a double one, and general colour schemes can be altered according to taste. The first four borders are quite simple, with pricing in the $100 range. The later ones are more complex and thus more expensive. Click on any of the thumbnails for a larger view.

Border 1. A simple border with stylised flowers and gold leaves.

Border 2. Curving flowers set in a gold matrix. Single flowers can be set in the corners, or they can be plain gold.

Border 3. A much more free-form version of the border above, this one is very spectacular with its large areas of gold.

Border 4. Simple but unusual, this border is quite charming with its purple flowers and green dots peeping out from the goldwork.

Border 5. The most complex of all these borders, and thus most expensive. But it is truly gorgeous with its rich colours and fine details.

Border 6. This delicate border is not a complex as No. 5, and is very pretty with its strawberries and acanthus traceries.

Border 6 Double. An example of a border designed for two columns of text, such as matching sets of wedding vows.

Border 7. A very elegant border of moderate complexity, with rich colours and scrollwork.

Border 7 Double. Arranged for two columns of text.