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These hand-carved rustic spindles are about 20-25cm long, and are made from combinations of eucalyptus, cypress, and cherry wood.  Each is hand-tested to make sure it spins well.  The two spindles on the left have eucalyptus whorls and cypress shafts, while the one on the right has a cherry whorl and eucalyptus shaft.   (Available wood depends on what we can collect locally.)  Generally, cherry is darker  than  eucalyptus.  Cypress shafts are pale, with lots of interesting markings where little branchlets have been removed, while eucalyptus shafts are darker.   All spindles are oil-finished.  Particular combinations, or close-ups of what we have stock, are available on request.

We also have spindles with pottery whorls modeled on medieval spindle whorls, which are particularly recommended for spinning silk (slightly heavier than the wooden whorls).  The current whorls are glazed in rich browns;  other glazes are available on request.

Please specify whether you want a notch at the top of the spindle  for standard modern dressing, or no notch for medieval-style dressing.

All spindles come with a brief instruction leaflet.

$7.00 each

Spindle Type
Notch at spindle top?