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Tablets (Cards)

These tablets are made from heavy beige cardstock to simulate parchment, and last considerably longer than playing cards.   They can be left plain, numbered on the top edge, have the holes labeled A-D, or both numbered and labeled. 

Available as 6cm squares (playing-card size) or 5cm squares for working with silk (less wastage at the end). (About 2.5" and 2".)

Pack of 24, $3.00 each

Single cards, 15c each


The looms are made of pine;  the top bar at each end is secured with wingnuts for easy tightening.  Felt padding keeps the warp threads in place. Dimensions are 63 cm long by 12cm wide by 13 cm high.  This is ample room to weave complex patterns. Australia only -- -postage is too expensive for international sales.

$15.00 each



Shuttles and Beaters

Hand-crafted from sturdy balsawood, sanded to a smooth finish.

    Large (12 x 3 cm)   $1.00 each
    Small  (7 x 1.5 cm)     50c  each

     Large (18 x 3 cm)     50c  each
     Small (11 x 1 cm)     10c  each




Wool and Silk

This wool is hand-spun and dyed with natural plant dyes.  It is about a 5-ply size, ideal for belts, trim, Viking apron straps, etc.   For colours available, see the Wool Embroidery Threads.

10c per meter

No. of meters
Wool Colour The silk is spun slightly thicker than silk embroidery thread, and is ideal for garters, spur straps, fine apron straps, and trim.  For colours, see the Silk Embroidery Threads.

50c per meter

No. of meters
Silk Colour